ClearOne XAP-TH2 Audio Conferencing Equipment: Revolutionizing Meeting Audio Clarity

The ClearOne XAP-TH2 Telephone Hybrid is a sophisticated piece of audio conferencing equipment designed to facilitate seamless communication in corporate and organizational settings. It provides a bridge between audio conferencing systems and telephone networks, enabling users to integrate telephone calls into their meetings with high-quality sound. This technology ensures that participants on both ends of the call experience clear, uninterrupted audio, which is essential for productive remote discussions.

Crafted with versatility in mind, the XAP-TH2 boasts compatibility with a range of conferencing systems and is engineered to deliver exceptional audio clarity. The device incorporates advanced signal processing features that optimize sound quality by minimizing echo and feedback, which can be detrimental to conference call intelligibility. These attributes make the XAP-TH2 an ideal solution for businesses aiming to enhance their audio conferencing capabilities.

Moreover, ClearOne’s XAP-TH2 offers user-friendly controls, enabling easy management of audio settings to accommodate various conferencing scenarios. It supports different modes of connectivity and is equipped with features that promote ease of use, such as adjustable volume and mute functions. Adopting the XAP-TH2 is a step towards efficient communication, allowing organizations to conduct more effective virtual meetings and collaborations.

Technical Specifications

The ClearOne XAP-TH2 offers advanced audio processing and flexible connectivity, designed to deliver high-quality audio conferencing experiences. Its technical specifications showcase its capabilities and integration options.

Audio Processing Capabilities

  • Full Duplex: Yes, provides simultaneous two-way communication
  • Echo Cancellation: Advanced algorithms for clear audio
  • Noise Reduction: State-of-the-art technology to minimize background noise

Connectivity Options

  • Microphone Inputs: 4, with phantom power support
  • Line Level Inputs: 8, configurable for balanced or unbalanced signals
  • Line Level Outputs: 8, supports various configurations

Control Interfaces

  • Serial Port: 1 RS-232 for device control and management
  • Ethernet Port: 1, provides network connectivity for configuration and control
  • USB Port: 1, for direct PC connection and setup

Installation and Setup

The ClearOne XAP-TH2 Audio Conferencing Equipment requires careful installation and precise setup to ensure optimal performance. Detailed guidelines for mounting, wiring, and configuration are critical for proper functionality.

Mounting Instructions

The XAP-TH2 should be securely mounted on a wall or in an equipment rack. Mounting hardware should align with the unit’s designated holes to maintain stability.

  • Ensure the unit is level.
  • Maintain at least 3 inches of clearance for adequate ventilation.

Wiring Guide

Proper wiring is essential for the system to function without interference.

Connection Port Type Cable Type
Power Supply IEC C13 Standard AC Cable
Audio Input 3-pin XLR Balanced Audio Cable
Audio Output 3-pin XLR Balanced Audio Cable
  • Follow the color-coded wiring diagram for error-free connections.
  • Secure all connections to prevent disconnection or wear.

Configuration Steps

Initial configuration sets the foundation for the XAP-TH2’s performance capabilities.

  1. Connect to a computer via USB.
  2. Install the latest firmware and software from the ClearOne website.
  3. Use the ClearOne software to adjust the settings according to the room’s acoustic properties.
  • Test each component to ensure the system is functioning as expected.

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